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The Mighty Fall!

I stare into her inviting eyes
She has an interesting accent
I adore her sexual laugh
I am falling for her sensual smile

She has a friend with her
As do I
The possibilities of this night become exciting
The potential beyond this night a prospect to be considered

The ladies leave to refresh themselves
Leaving me and my friend waiting in anticipation
Business is picking up for this night out
The fun has only just started to begin

One of the ladies comes back
But alas, not the one meant for me
I am momentarily dejected
Then she arrives on the dance floor

So this opportunity is there to be taken
I simply need to walk down these steps
Then who knows what will happen
Therefore I begin the small journey to her

A simple four steps to the dance floor
A journey I have done numerous times
This club is like home from home
And this woman is a very welcome guest

However, disaster strikes!
I slip on the second step
A spilled pint of beer is my undoing
But the embarrassment does not end there

As I fly through the air like a new breed of hippo
A flailing foot strikes the potential new beau
To the floor she is sent
Her head banging into a wooden pole

Now really I should tend to her aid
But instead I get up and run
I grab my friend from the mouth of the other lady
And into the night we flee!

Undeserving Love

I don’t even know if this is my mind any more
I can’t even bring myself to go on the dance floor
I don’t know what is so wrong with me tonight

I’m barely able to string two words together
I feel like I’m going to be a drunkard forever
Something about all this doesn’t feel quite right

I look in the mirror and it’s not me looking back
My friends are like enemies who are about to attack
So now I’m starting to prepare for a stupid fight

They tell me they love me but I reply with ‘screw you’
I confuse even myself with these things that I do
So I decide it’s best to slink away in the night

I don’t know why people show me any love
Cause now there is nothing about me that’s good
But I know if I sober up the future could yet be bright

I hope that one day I can control the other me
I feel like I’m hiding a good person you don’t see
Now at the end of this tunnel I need to see a light

Gift of the Sun

Rocks are crushed like dry leaves underfoot,
dust being pulled together to form a mighty hill,
lines forming as if they are soldiers going to war,
a deep breath taken and the scene is empty.

The journey is repeated time and time again,
lines are built up but then sucked into oblivion,
the heart races at an abnormal but exciting speed,
and confidence is so high you feel like God himself.

The Close Call

Today I am feeling very grateful
For the bad things I did not do
This current phase of my life
Needs to be one that is brand new

I nearly fell on dangerous old habits
Took that drink to ease the pain
But my troubles were just not worth it
I can not go down that road again

I sit here feeling happy as I type this
Because I’m doing it with a clear head
I need to remember to stay this way
Simply put, if I don’t I’ll be dead

The Spirit

Watching, waiting, laughing, plotting
his cold eyes are fixated on you without you knowing,
his will telepathically taking over your mind,
his nature consuming what is left of your soul.

You have no understanding of how or why he is there,
nor do you have any knowledge of when he will next return.
You can not see him but will forever feel his presence,
your entire life is at risk of this constant evil threat.

The way to beat him is to acknowledge his presence,
to know he is there and face him head on,
that way you can live your life in the way you want to,
the evil spirit left to crave for the more crazy times.

Start off with cheap cider and 20/20,
then start to introduce the cans with super strength,
eventually lead to having a few in a bar,
then when you’re ready, start to hit the nightclubs.

Is this the progression for a career of a drinker?
Or are we simply discussing one day in the life?
The answer lies somewhere in the middle;
but that is only just the beginning.

When vodka for breakfast seems perfectly normal,
when a voice constantly justifies your money woes,
when you start to plan your drink mission in advance,
maybe you can understand what I mean.